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Manny Cabo

NBC’s “The Voice’s” Manny Cabo and Friends

Sunday, July 3rd, 10 and 11:15 PM

Manny Cabo Post

His name, MANNY CABO, has torn up the stages across America with his vocal and front man status opening up for bands like, Lifehouse, 3 Doors Down, Stained, Godhead, COLD , and even starred on the hit NBC TV Show “The Voice.”

When asked, “why do you enjoy what you do and remain so consistently passionate and humble especially toward your fans?” his simple rebuttal was “In this industry, that I so feverishly work in, will eat you up and spit you out… you always have to figure it out or you will fade away! Granted, one can learn technique, but you cannot teach passion because it is born inside of you and when you’re born an underdog since day one, then it’s impossible not to adopt a sense of persistence, intensity, fear and above all passion to survive. By no stretch of the imagination am I the best at anything I do, but one thing is for certain, I will always strive to improve, learn, assist and be the best artist that I can be and hopefully inspire other artists to do the same. I am truly grateful for all the opportunities that have been afforded to me throughout the years but the truth is nothing was ever handed to me and working diligently to achieve my dreams is all I’ve ever known and I’m okay with it. With great risks come great rewards and passion is the fuel that has always superseded my doubts. I love creating new art, as evidenced in my work Art is what I love and know so doing anything else would be frivolous.”