Fair History & Fun Facts

I bet you didn't know:

The first Fair at the Meadowlands opened in 1986 as a 6-day event encompassing 10 acres offering a dozen rides and games.

Today State Fair Meadowlands is the largest FAIR in New Jersey and in the NY Metro are  The completion of Met Life Stadium afforded us the opportunity to move and improve the fairgrounds debuting in 2011 with 25 percent more space. There is also improved traffic flow from surrounding highways and onsite roadways.  The new fairgrounds now encompasses over 35 acres plus an additional 20,000 parking spaces featuring over 300 free shows, 150 rides and attractions plus over 50 food vendors from around the country.


It takes up to 4 days to set up over 300 attractions at State Fair Meadowlands. It takes up to 3 days to “tear” it down. In fact in 2003, 95% of the fair was down the next day because of the Stadiums’ big concert series starring Metallica, Bon Jovi and The Boss, Bruce Springsteen.

The Carnival Midway sets up some of their largest rides the week before opening day to make sure they are ready to run on schedule.

New Jersey has the strictest laws in the country governing ride safety. Every ride MUST be licensed by the State and ALL RIDES must be inspected and approved to operate prior to opening. They are then re-inspected, unannounced, during fair time.

In 2007, State Fair Meadowlands in conjunction with Giants Stadium hosted America’s “Live Earth” Concert. A worldwide effort dedicated to bringing attention to global warming.

The Fair generates about 8 tons of garbage daily, much of which is sorted for recycling. The portable generators brought in for the fair provide 77,000 KW of power - enough electricity to power East Rutherford.

State Fair Meadowlands has been at the forefront in establishing an environmentally friendly fair with initiatives that include using bio-fuel in all generators, minimal generator usage by reducing units from 20 to 3 for a fuel savings of 30%, minimal usage of lights during daytime hours, recycling of waste oil, recycling of fryer (cooking) oil, encouraging vendors to use recycled paper products, printing State Fair Meadowlands collateral material on recycled paper whenever possible.

About 1,000 people work at the fair annually from maintenance to management.

There are over 1,300 people hypnotized annually at the fair.

There are over 100 pig races annually at the fair.

Last Year’s fair attendance topped 400,000.

The Fair generates almost 1 MM Dollars in New Jersey State Tax Revenue.

Per Capita Spending at the Fair is $35.55

There are over 185,000 Zepoles; 50,000 Corn Dogs and over 17,000 bags of Cotton Candy sold at the fair annually.

  • Calories in Your Favorite Fair Food:
    • One Fried Oreo - 98
    • Cotton Candy – 171
    • Soft Vanilla Ice Cream Cone - 190
    • Corn Dog – 250
    • Greek Chicken Kebob - 260
    • Cheese Nachos – 306
    • Candied Apple – 332
    • Slice of Cheese Pizza – 350
    • Curly Fries - 620
    • Sausage & Peppers Sandwich – 850
    • Funnel Cake – You don’t want to know
    • Funnel Cake with Topping – You really don’t want to know!